Mini Trampoline Exercises - Get the best Wii Games

Been using the Nintendo Wii and the mini trampoline combination for a few weeks now. Exergaming is the best fun, the best mini trampoline exercises!

I'm still using Wii Fit Plus , mainly the jogging. I find it's the best one for that, but I have to tuck the controller into my sports bra. When I was holding it I noticed I would speed up then slow down and it got annoying. It keeps good pace with me now.

I'm also doing some of the yoga and muscle exercises, have increased that since my last post, I think it's well worth doing. Because you need the balance board for these it's no good for mini trampoline exercises, but it doesn't hurt to break it up a bit.

EA Sports Active: More Workouts is the new one I have. What worried me about it and made me hesitate over giving it a go was the leg strap,  It comes with a leg strap to hold the wii nunchuk, for motion sensor of the lower body and I could just see it slipping down my leg all the time. However my fears were groundless, it sticks pretty well, I wear tracksuit pants when using it and have no problems.

This is a great workout btw. I'm a wimp and doing the easy 60 day challenge, I really should change it to intermediate but I find I'm out of breath with the easy one, anyway. I like the variety, one criticism of it is I wish they had more variety in the warm ups and cool downs but that's a pretty minor gripe.

Using the mini trampoline with this workout is good. Only thing I have trouble with is lunges. The rebounder's mat isn't big enough to do them well and half the time they don't register. But it's great for the waterskiing and other ones where you have to jump at different stages. I think running on this slows down using the rebounder, I had to work a lot harder to get a good run going, but that's probably a good thing. Totally recommend this to anyone looking at using the Wii for a bit of fitness.

Another one I've checked out is Gold's Gym Cardio Workout. This was surprising a great workout and it's a pretty cheap game too. It's mainly boxing but it is full on and you have to keep rhythm with the music, leaning back and forth sparring style. Great routine to add to the the mini trampoline exercises.

Another thing to tempt you to keep working at it is every time you go through a workout they give you virtual gold, the better your workout the more gold you get and you can spend the gold in their virtual shop and buy some really cool gear for your virtual self. That's pretty cool.

There are other exercises you can do on this. It also unlocks stuff as you go. I tried the skipping, but it didn't work so well as I kept tangling up with the rope. I think probably the rebounder had something to do with that, but I didn't care, just kept going.

Next one I've used is Just Dance. It's not bad, you're supposed to match the moves to the screen person dancing and it tells you if you get great, ok or missed. I missed a lot! But working on it, it's a bit of fun, could have more range in music. Once again very easy to use the mini trampoline with it.

I love this combo of the Wii and the mini trampoline. I don't think I would be enjoying either of them as much separately. It keeps me motivated to keep going.

I probably won't be using all of those every day but I plan on doing stuff every day and having a variety of games I think will be the key to this.

I'm still going to keep adding to my collection, the more choice the better I say. Will post any other great finds I get and progress reports on this blog.


Rebounder Fun said...

I have a Needak rebounder and I also have a wii - I never really thought about combining the exercises to form a wii-bounder regime before but your blog has really got me motivated. I find that I use my rebounder much more than anything else because it is always there ready for me to bounce and exercise on and that it's like a super quick exercise solution for me. Have you ever considered doing some of the yoga standing positions on your rebounder to challenge your core stability?

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