Combining Nintendo Wii With The Mini Trampoline

I finally broke down and bought a Wii Console and Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board (Nintendo Wii). To tell the truth it is a bit cutesy for my tastes but I really like the Wii Fit Plus and the sports package. It goes tremendously well with my mini trampoline. A lot of the Wii Fit plus stuff you need to stand on the board, but the jogging is great for the trampoline.

There are a few different jogging scenarios you can do and even a free running one where you can jog for 10, 20, 30 minutes. You can even change the channel and watch tv while you do it as the remote guides you. I like jogging with the Wii, as it keeps me motivated for using the trampoline.

I see people boasting at doing 30 minutes free jogging on the wii, and that's after doing other stuff like yoga, balance training and muscle training, geez, I can barely do 10 minutes right now. I am so out of shape, but, I'm working on it.

I also used it for playing tennis and other sports in the sports package and the Wii Sports Resort. Have to be careful which ones I use it for and experiment, don't want to cause injury or ruin game play. I'm still exploring the possibilities.

It does keep me more motivated for using the mini trampoline and it's plain fun!

Thinking of getting Just Dance for a workout on the mini trampoline. I think that would be a great combination. Yeah, I know I could just put sound tracks on and dance to them on the rebounder, but I think it would be more fun trying to match moves. Bit like the jogging, it's more fun jogging in Wii's virtual world. I'll be checking out other Wii titles to see what would be good with it too.

Will post more about my experiences with this as I go. And other Wii titles that I think goes well with my mini trampoline.


Fonzie said...

Use the rebounder with Walk it Out. Great workout.

Barbara said...

Excellent! I will have to try that one out.

James Mockery said...

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