Exergaming on the Wii

What is exergaming I hear you ask? Well, exergaming is the combination of exercise using a gaming console. Now known as Exergaming.

I've been slogging along with Nintendo Wii Console and Wii Fit Plus on the mini trampoline for a week now. My favorite is still the jogging. But I wish there was a way to control where you ran.

I also tried the cycling game in Wii Fit. It's enjoyable but have to use the Wii Fit bard to pedal so I can't use the trampoline. It's way harder on my feet. What I like about it I can steer the bike anywhere with the remote. This is definitely needed in the jogging. Just to make it feel more interactive.

My routine on the Wii (remember I'm a beginner):

I do some of the yoga moves, just the first couple in repetitions. The Half Moon Pose and The Warrior. And a couple of the muscle exercises, Single Leg Extension and Rowing Squat, it's just a 10 minute routine. I can't do some of the others, way too hard.

I then do an island lap jogging on the mini trampoline. This takes around 12 to 13 minutes and I am bushed afterwards. I do the jogging at least twice a day, sometimes three times. I'm hoping my stamina improves to be able to do longer jogging jaunts, but right now it kills me just going that long.

I sometimes do some other of the Wii aerobics activities. They all use the board, however and it's hard on the feet if you do it bare footed like me. The hula hoops is supposed to be great exercise, but I never liked hula hooping that much, not even in real life and I find it a bit tedious.

I also love the Wii tennis on the sports disc you get with the Wii. I'll play that multiple times a day. I use my rebounder and bounce between points and use full arm movements for hitting the ball. It's great fun, really feels like your hitting it. Only thing missing is actually running for the ball. The Mii's do that.../grin.

I've been using it a week now and haven't missed a day. My legs ache a bit, but the kind of ache you get when you know you've been doing some exercise.

I've gotten EA Sports Active: More Workouts. See how that goes. It sounds good but haven't really used it as yet. Will report on it in a later blog post.

Exergaming on the Wii is a lot of fun. The rebounder adds to the experience, I've also heard of people using their treadmills with the Wii jogging, I think that is a great idea also, but alas I don't have one and haven't got the room for one, anyway.

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