Mini Trampoline Exercises - Get the best Wii Games

Been using the Nintendo Wii and the mini trampoline combination for a few weeks now. Exergaming is the best fun, the best mini trampoline exercises!

I'm still using Wii Fit Plus , mainly the jogging. I find it's the best one for that, but I have to tuck the controller into my sports bra. When I was holding it I noticed I would speed up then slow down and it got annoying. It keeps good pace with me now.

I'm also doing some of the yoga and muscle exercises, have increased that since my last post, I think it's well worth doing. Because you need the balance board for these it's no good for mini trampoline exercises, but it doesn't hurt to break it up a bit.

EA Sports Active: More Workouts is the new one I have. What worried me about it and made me hesitate over giving it a go was the leg strap,  It comes with a leg strap to hold the wii nunchuk, for motion sensor of the lower body and I could just see it slipping down my leg all the time. However my fears were groundless, it sticks pretty well, I wear tracksuit pants when using it and have no problems.