Buying A Mini Trampoline.

I was looking at doing some exercise because I have become very slack and don't do much. I have developed a bit of a sore back which I largely blame on my slackness. Anyway I was racking my head thinking of something that would be easy, not take up much room and I would enjoy.

I remembered years ago when I used to go to the gym they had these mini trampolines and I thought. That's it!

Without putting much research into this I ordered one from Deals Direct (Australia). It cost all up AUD$60. I received it but geez, it was so hard, there was no give in the springs at all. I might as well have been bouncing on a hard surface compared to that thing.

Ok, lesson learned. I had to return it, it was just too jarring for me to use. It shot a sharp pain up my back when I used it. I think these types of mini trampolines should be banned, I'm sure it would of been detrimental to my health to keep it up.

I did some googleing on the net. Well, the US and UK seem to have heaps of good brands out there with a soft rebounding action. Unfortunately in AUS we are once again deprived of choice.

I went and checked out Work Out World a very large distributor of fitness equipment here and the mini trampoline showed to me was exactly like the one from Deals Direct, except $30 more expensive. The guy tried to tell me that it had to be so stiff and hard to guarantee holding a 100kg that it states it can. (Yeah, right)

These mini trampolines are supposed to be a low impact exercise. It was worse impact because of the jarring you get on it with each bounce.

Anyway, I could only find three distributors here in Australia for descent mini trampolines. The RH48 Body Energiser, but that was for AUD$850, that's a bit rich for me. I'm sure it's very good, but it doesn't have to be that good. The Starbound Lymphaciser rebounder, cheapest being AUD$455, that's still a bit much. And the Urban Rebounder distributed by Reboundoz. The Health Bounce package 1 is what I went for, it's a half folding rebounder for easy storage and comes with a carry bag and a dvd, it was AUD$230. Not too fussed about the dvd, I don't plan on doing too much aerobic stuff on it, mainly going to use it for just jogging and bouncing while getting low impact on joints.

I've only just ordered it, but I've seen the videos of it in action and the specs, so I will see how it goes. Hopefully it is what I'm looking for.

Will post again once I have it and report my findings about this mini trampoline.


James Mockery said...

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Mildred E. Benn said...

We all know that everything has its own history about how it was made, who made it, the way it evolved and so on and so forth and trampolines were of no exception.