Getting The Mini Trampoline

Got my Urban Rebounder the other day, came with Urban Rebounding Workout DVD, Compilation 1 and a carrying bag.

First off it is 100 times better than the mini trampoline I got from Deals Direct. I can actually bounce on it!!! But the bounce probably isn't as soft as some that I have been jealously looking at.

The Cellerciser, Needak and ReboundAIR have all come across in my research as great rebounders with a soft bounce. Unfortunately those ones are difficult to get in Australia, right now anyway.

I got my Urban rebounder from Reboundoz who are a distributer for them, it's been rebranded as Reboundoz though. I do like it because I can exercise on it, so that's the main thing. Came with 3 years warranty on the frame and 1 year warranty for parts.

It's also more expensive here than in the US. On par with the price for the Needak or ReboundAIR, but a Cellerciser is still a bit more expensive.

Now, about using it. I plonked in the first timers dvd. No way could I keep up! I need to build up stamina I think before hitting the dvds. I can handle 10 minutes at a time on it. First thing in the morning I just spend 10 minutes doing a gentle health bounce where my feet don't actually leave the trampoline it's still a very beneficial exercise to do for the Lymphatic system, helps get rid of toxins and wastes from your body quicker.

I then spend a couple more times on it jogging on the spot for 10 minutes at a time. Once my stamina increases I will increase the time spent on it from 10 to 15 and so on till I can manage a 30 minute workout.

Also once my stamina is better I will try more of the stuff on the dvd's. I think they are good, but I just can't do a full workout of them at this time and the strenuous nature of the exercises tire me out sooner. Or I should say my legs start to give out. I've read about people complaining about sore feet when starting out on a mini trampoline if they don't use shoes, I haven't had this problem. I only jump on it in bare feet. My legs, however, aren't exactly sore but feel like they will give way after a bit. I think it's just a matter of getting strength back into my legs and building up stamina.

At first I wasn't too interested in following any dvd's but I think I have changed my mind about that. They look like they could be fun and break it up a bit with different stuff to do on the rebounder. Will see how it goes anyway.

I want to start out slow and take it from there. Once I feel comfortable with 10 minutes I will push myself to 15 minutes. It's a great way of exercising and my back already feels better.

Highly recommend the mini trampolines. Only, please, go that bit extra and get a descent one. Those cheap nasty ones I think should be banned.

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James Mockery said...

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