The Best Rebounders

In my research for a rebounder, the Cellerciser, Needak and Reboundair are ones I wish I could of had a choice at. Unfortunately in Australia the pickings for rebounders are limited. Lucky people in the US have a lot more choices.

The Urban rebounder, which I ended up with as I couldn't get the above mentioned brands, is still a better choice than any of the cheaper ones bought at sporting goods stores or department stores, but I wouldn't mind a softer bounce than it affords.

Not knowing any better at the time I decided to get a mini trampoline and not doing much research on them. I bought a cheap one and the jarring I got on the bounce sent shooting pains up my back. I don't get that with the Urban rebounder.  At the time I did have a sore back but I'm glad I got the Urban rebounder in the end, however, I would of splurged on either a Cellerciser, Needak or Reboundair had I been able too.